Board for Android OS

Dots Free 1.60

Put away your pencil and paper, now you can play the classic Dot Game right on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Dots Free is the highest quality Dots and Boxes game available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and we're giving it away for free. Dots and Boxes i

Bauernroulette 1.0

Bauernroulette is a wheel game invented in Germany. The game is played on a wooden circular playing surface with 6 balls (4 white, 1 red, and 1 green) and a spinning top. The balls are placed on the top and when spinning they bounce off and land in one of

HIARCS Chess for iPad 13.7.9

HIARCS is a multiple World Championship winning chess program and the only handheld chess program which has won matches and tournaments with Grandmasters. It twice won the Mercusor Cup tournament in Buenos Aires, Argentina ahead of Grandmasters, the last

A Brief History of the World 1.2

Take a sweeping ride through the history of mankind in the famous board game from Ragnar Brothers! "4/5: Conquering a country is really cathartic and very intuitive. The app works well and is clean and polished. Very fun… I definitely recommend you pick

The Lost World Lite 1.00

New game in the genre of "three in a row," supplemented with a new masterpiece! Help me get to the treasure of the Aztecs of the fair sex, having a considerable amount of fun and excitement levels of destruction. You will have a great set of characters t

Gas Tycoon 3 - lite version! 2.1

Gas Tycoon 3 is a fast-thinking game for fans of pipe puzzles. Your goal is to connect consumers to a source of energy by turning elements in order to provide a clear path. Sounds simple? Wait until you've tried it. Gas Tycoon 3 is the most anticipated s

Amazing Aha HD Free 1.0

Donkey Aha is a new amazing physics puzzle game. Meet Donkey Aha and his family! Donkey Aha lives with his dad, mum, brother and sister. Their favorite food is carrot and they are infamously stubborn, so they will do anything to eat carrots. No matter

Animals Match! 1.5

Animals Match! FREE for a limited time, download this app now! Think back to the first few games you ever played. As a young person, laying on the living room floor or sitting with your Mom at the kitchen table. Remember the cardboard boxes that held tho

Monster Busters: Ice Slide 1.0.20

Drag a line and eliminate the monsters on-screen with your friends. In the world of Monster Busters: Ice Slide, gingerbreads are in trouble from ferocious yet cute-looking monsters, and it’s up to you to save them. Designed for your iOS or Android

Parcheesi 1.0

Parcheesi is a classic board game, popular in Spain and in several other countries, albeit known by other names. The ‘Parcheesi’ we are talking...