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Albrecht Durer Jigsaw Puzzles - Play with Paintings. Prominent Masterpieces to recognize and put together 1.1

Collection of puzzles with famous classic masterpieces by Durer Albrecht Durer is the greatest artist of the Northern Renaissance. Over 70 puzzles. HIGH QUALITY CONTENT: - The new iPad and iPhone Retina support with high resolution images FROM BEGINNE

Viking Chess! 1.03

Viking Chess! is a 3D multiplayer adaptation of the ancient Nordic game of Hnefatafl for iOS. The premise is simple: one player controls the King and his Defending pieces that start in the center of the board. The other player controls the Attacking piece

Bouncing Color Wheel - free crush the line no zig zag jump to the right color ball 1.0

It is a game that tests your brain's reflexes! Simply tap your screen to match the arrow with the correct color. WARNING: Highly Addicting!

Sudoku9 4.270

The world's best Sudoku game for iPhone/iPad. It provides ease of use and almost every feature you can imagine. Enjoy infinite number of sudoku games with powerful features all your life. Everyday world sudoku competition Features - 5 type of Sudo

Real Code Breaker Mastermind 1.0.0

Mastermind is a mind game that puts you in the position of a master code breaker: a secret code is given, and you must figure it out using guesses and the hints provided on the puzzle. Real Code Breaker is based on the classic board game that is also kno

Air Battle: Battleship with aircrafts! 1.3.7

Sea Battle in the skies - play now! Sirens are wailing, the enemy air fleet is approaching: let the Air Battle begin! Take control of the command center and coordinate the air defense in your area in Air Battle. Discover enemy aircraft and command the s

Whoowasit? - Children's game of the year 2008 1.5

Whoowasit? has been nominated in the categories „Bestes Kinderspiel“ (best game for kids) and “Bestes Familienspiel” (best game for families) for the “Deutscher Entwicklerpreis” (German Developers-Award). Winner of the GIGA Maus 2012 as "Das beste Spiel"

Pyramid Solitaire Collection 1.3

Pyramid Solitaire is one of the most popular computer games in the world, now you can play it on your device. This game features a very complete, it support portrait and landscape orientations, support lock orientations, support for three shuffle mode, su

Free Nonograms 2.2.3

Tired of solving the same old types of puzzles? Where’s the challenge, the uniqueness and the fun? In Nonograms, that’s where! You’ll never tire of these addictive games that truly test your skills, or the slick controls as you work you way through all of

BoomBoom BOOMBOOM20110215

BoomBoom is a block game. You can break cubes when the cube close same color cube. The cubes increase in number while you are playing the game. The game gives mission and bonus score. It will be helpful for you. If you get more clear-score, you will go