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Draw 2 Cheat - for Draw Something 2 1.0

#1 CHEAT app for Draw Something 2! This is your best tool for solving the (awful) drawings from your friends. FREE, and perfectly easy. Step 1) Take a screenshot Step 2) Open this app Step 3) See the possible answers That's all! Have fun (:

Basketball Mix 1.2.1

Basketball Mix Game. Draw lines to throw your ball to all baskets. To draw lines, use the simple drawing interface: move your finger to draw, and tap to remove a line. You are given a specific amount of building materials to draw lines. Use jumpers and p

Chase the Pig Free(拱猪免费版) 1.1

This is a Chinese version of Hearts which is called GongZhu(拱猪) in China. In the game, the queen of spades is a penalty card, known as the pig - players may try to drive out the pig by leading spades; also the loser of the game is known as the pig, and ma

Monster Busters: Ice Slide 1.0.18

Drag a line and eliminate the monsters on-screen with your friends. In the world of Monster Busters: Ice Slide, gingerbreads are in trouble from ferocious yet cute-looking monsters, and it’s up to you to save them. Designed for your iOS or Android

Dice With Buddies: Dice Game 4.32.0

Yahtzee-like dice game to play with friends. Are you a Yahtzee fanatic? Then you'll love Dice With Buddies Free, which has very similar gameplay. Pit your luck and skill against your friends in turn-based play, so you can have multiple games going on

Solitaire Journey 1.4

Solitaire Journey Multiplayer Solitaire goes on a Journey Enjoy the classic game of Solitaire in a brand new way. Challenge your friends for real-time multiplayer action, or take part in international Tournaments. Journey to iconic destinations while a

60 Second Game Challenge 1.1

How long can you play this game? One-button-action at its finest. Possible Achievements: ■ 10 SECONDS - You're comfortable with what you do and perform well under normal pressures. ■ 30 SECONDS - You could easily sell your skills on the open market. Y

Four In A Line V+ 5.28

Four In A Line is the perfect game for those who look for a quick five-minute pleasure fix whilst on the run. The aim of the game is quite simple: get 4 pieces in a line vertically, horizontally or diagonally. It sounds easy, but one bad move can ruin yo

THE GAME OF LIFE: Big Screen Edition 1.1.1

**ATTENTION: THE GAME OF LIFE will be removed from the App Store on 8/16/2016 and will no longer be available for download. Hasbro does not guarantee that this app will be available for play after 11/15/2016** PLEASE NOTE: The game was designed with feat

Lawyered 1.0

Test your ability to debate in ridiculous scenarios! Can you argue that you aren’t an argumentative person, a chair is better than a stool, or “Best in Town” is better than “Best all Around”? Gather your most creative, argumentative friends, and make your