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Animal Jam - Play Wild! 17.0

Animal Jam provides a safe online world for children to express themselves and learn about animals. Providing an open world for children to explore, Animal Jam – Play Wild! on both iOS and Android devices lets kids choose their favorite animal and

SimplePlanes 1.7.0

Not for beginners, SimplePlanes is aimed at the engineer within. While it lacks detailed environments, and its tutorial could do with improvement, SimplePlanes is a robust simulator with an incredible array of building options. If you're willing to

Escape from Silent Hill- You need escape 1.1

Escape from Silent Hill- You need escape This is a escape room game. Many escape options will be granted to you, but only a few of them will be feasible. what is hidden in this tasty watermelon. Various tools are waiting for you to escape. Non-linear st

Never Have I…? #1 Ever Dirty I Have Never Ever 1.3

The number 1 PARTY GAME! Download the hottest and most dirty party game on the App Store! Never Have I... is a the perfect game if you are looking for some fun together with your friends. Do you want to get to know someone better? Do you just want to have

Escape The Rooms:The Silent Hotel Escape Games 1.0

Alice was awakened by a loud noise. She found that her sister who lived in her room was missing. The parents in the next room also disappeared. The hotel was empty, as if no one had appeared. But the blood stains everywhere in the hotel reminded Alice aga

Carrot EVO - Merge & Match Puzzle Game 1.1

Test your brain and merge little carrots to let them grow into a bigger one. Limited space and random carrots make it challenging and fun. Use your skills to level up and play against your friends now! == HOW TO PLAY == * Rotate and drag the CARROTS to m

Country and Capital Quiz 1.1

Take your best guess right now! Guess what is the Capital for the countries with their Flags provided on the board. Country and Capital Trivia Quiz Word Guessing Game is an awesome addictive challenging game, designed and developed to find out right Cap

Can You Escape The Serial Crime Scene 1 ? 2.0

Can You Escape The Serial Crime Scene? Season 1 This is a escape room game. Many escape options will be granted to you, but only a few of them will be feasible. You will sit in solitary confinement, and the door you will guard the guard. Relatives gave

Kids Safe YouTube Kids App - yt kids videos 1.7.1

Every week 100 new Youtube kids videos (yt kids) hand selected by moms & dads in categories like

3via trivia 1.5.1

3via is a trivia game with stunning photography and mind-boggling fun trivia facts. Discover the world's wonders, learn its curiosities, or just enjoy a fun and suspenseful trivia game night with your friends. 3via has both a single player trivia mode,