Health & Fitness for Android OS

DreamSphere 1.3.742

An interesting social network based on dreams. DreamSphere is an original application that revolves around the world of dreams and presents a beautiful interface. Discover what your dreams really mean and make great use of the Smart Alarm in order to impr

Foody - Food & Symptom Tracker 1.4.4

Register your food, and subsequent symptoms, whenever you want. Sometimes we know that the food we eat isn’t exactly healthy. For those who want to lose weight, or at least check out how their diet is affecting them, Foody lets you to keep a track

Lose It! – Calorie Counter 9.1.4

Track daily diet and activity levels over time. It's been demonstrated time and again that the best strategy for getting in shape is to keep track of the relationship between your diet, exercise, and results over time. Lose It! is a popular nutrition

Map My Run by Under Armour 17.9.1

An exercise tracker with a great design. Fans of fitness! Run With Map My Run is a helpful tracker application for runners and joggers. Join the network and start tracking your times and the distance run. Set your preferences, as Coaching, live tracking,

8fit Workouts & meal planner 3.0

An excellent fitness application to achieve your objectives. 8fit - Workouts and meal plans is an interesting fitness application that helps you eat healthy and get fit thanks to various workout exercises. The first thing you need to do is to create an a

C25K® 5K Trainer (Couch Potato to Running 5K) 4.1

Get prepared to run a 5K in 8 weeks!. If you're looking for a new exercise challenge, C25K is it. Designed to get non-runners moving, this app slowly builds up your fitness level and stamina so that at the end of eight weeks, you'll be ready to

Runkeeper—GPS Running Tracker 8.3.2

RunKeeper allows you to monitor your fitness activities by using the GPS. If you want to monitor your workout in order to check if you're progressing there are lots of Android apps that can help you in this issue. RunKeeper is a simple and good-looki

Map My Ride by Under Armour 17.9.1

Map out your rides throughout your town.. Take your phone with you on your bike ride, and you will be able to have access to a plethora of details including how far you went, how high you went, how many calories you burned, your heart rate, and more. Add

Pokémon GO 1.45.0

Pokemon’s first true mobile app brings incredibly unique gameplay that will get you up and moving to catch 'em all. A dream-team collaboration between Google Maps, Niantec, and Nintendo brings the extremely popular Pokemon franchise to your iO

TaoMix 2 - Relax y descanso con sonidos naturales 2.0.7

A fascinating sound application for keeping your mind and body calm. TaoMix 2 - An infinite world of sounds is an extremely well-designed application for those who want to relax and focus after a stressful day. TaoMix 2 is incredibly useful at any time o