Health & Fitness for Android OS

WellMate 1.6.3

WellMate is an easy-to-use nutrition diary that will help you lose weight, gain muscles and lead a more healthy lifestyle. It keeps track of your food intake as well as your exercises. It lets you set up goals and track them over time in a simple and comp

7 Min Workout Challenge ~ A Seven Minute Workout 2.1

You feel your workouts are not really working out! Don’t worry, now you can burn your fat just by giving 7 minute of your day. You must be wondering when spending one hour at gym you did not find that any results how will 7 minutes show you? There is no

Life Biorhythm 1.4

* Over 400,000 people have already downloaded this app. Get it now too!!!* Selected in Free App Magic by MagicSolver: 3 Great apps for free every day. Do you know how important your biorhythms are? Biorhythms are cycles or rhythms of energy that are re

Bowflex HVT 1.1.0

The new Bowflex™ HVT app has everything you need to get started. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced athlete, you’ll find the motivation you need: Sprint, Builder and Circuit workouts as well as the ability to create your own! Track your Total Power

Positivity with Andrew Johnson 3.38

Many thanks to Apple for choosing Positivity as a Staff Favorite. Put on your headphones and drift into deep relaxation with this guided meditation intended to help you adopt a more positive mindset. A positive outlook can increase the quality of your l

Low GI Diet Tracker - glycemic index & load counter with search 2.1.1

Low GI Tracker is the first and only GI *counter* with the largest food database available. Manage your dietary glycemic index and glycemic load with this comprehensive and advanced GI Tracker. Finally, a way to look up GI and GL values for nearly 8,000

MotiFIT Ride - Cycling GPS + Heart Rate Monitor 3.4.0

Use MotiFIT Ride on Apple Watch, iPhone or iPad to take your fitness training to the next level. Use visual feedback to train smarter and get exceptional results. Our eye catching real-time graphics motivate you to push hard and burn more calories. This

MS self – Multiple Sclerosis App for MS Patients 3.0.0

If you have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, you understand the ways it may change your life. Staying informed and taking action is important in managing MS symptoms, coordinating with your healthcare team, and living with MS. In the MS self – Mult

Cravings – Meet daily calorie goal with Weight watchers, Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker 9.0

Lots of Apps can help you track your calorie intake, but can they also suggest what to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner to meet your daily calorie goals? Can they tell you what your best or worst cravings are? ... Now that is convenient and insightful!

Diet Point · Weight Loss 2.2.8

Diet Point Weight Loss comes packed with more than 130 weight loss diet plans, innovative meal reminders, complete grocery lists for each diet plan. WHAT'S IN IT FOR YOU • It takes the guesswork out of dieting • 130+ complete diet plans • Dedicated shopp