News & Magazines for Android OS

Medium 3.4

Discover and share stories that matter to you on this sleek publishing platform. Superfluous information. News that doesn't interest us. Every day, our feeds are filled with filler content that we just couldn't care less about. Medium is the an

Google News & Weather 2.02.1043

Top news and weather, across a variety of categories, and from over 65,000 publications. The recently overhauled Google News and Weather app features coverage from over 65,000 publications a Google Now-style card-based design, with the ability to swipe be

Anchor 2.14.2

Just tap on the station you want to hear, listen, call in, and check out others. Welcome to your new internet radio app. Anchor brings bite-sized radio stations straight to your Android and iOS device. To get started, simply sign in with your Facebook or

theSkimm 2.5

Find Out About Events Before They Happen With Your iOS Device. theSkimm is a clever iOS app that tells you everything you need to know for the future. Never again will you miss Beyonce tickets going on sale, or when the new season of your favorite show w

Fennex – Augmented Hearing App 1.0.2

A hearing aid application that works smoothly and is incredibly helpful. Fennex is a helpful and innovative hearing aid app that is designed to help people improve their hearing whenever they feel they might need it. The app lets you take a test in order

LTN 1.7

Law Technology News (LTN) provides lucid, insightful, and jargon-free coverage of legal technology trends and developments to an audience of legal industry professionals, helping them use technology and innovation to deliver faster, better, and cheaper le

CT Law Trib 1.7

The Connecticut Law Tribune is Connecticut’s only weekly newspaper devoted to covering the legal community, giving you the latest developments in Connecticut’s courts, law firms and legislature. With the Connecticut Law Tribune application, you will exper

Russia vs Ukraine RSS 1.5

With Russia vs Ukraine RSS reader you can have newest information directly from the opposite sides. From Kremlin and Kiev, from President and Premier. Choose one from 50 pre-selected sources related to Russia - Ukraine conflict.

SmartNews: US Breaking News 5.0.5

Brings news from loads of different sources to one app. SmartNews brings news from loads of different internet sources to one app, and does it well. It looks good, and is very user friendly. It's only down side is a lack of originality, although thi

Pocket: Save Stories for Later 6.6.0

Pocket allows you to save webpages, tweets, videos, articles... to read/watch it later. How many times did you send links/webpages and any other resource to your e-mail (or bookmarked them) in order to read them later? I've made it that way thousands