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The New York Times 6.1

The New York Times arrives on your mobile device.. The NYTimes - Latest News app brings the power of the New York Times website to your mobile device. It has numerous features that allow you to access breaking news from anywhere at anytime. THE PROS The

CNN: Breaking US & World News 5.6.1

CNN is the forefront of news, and that's what the focus is here.. Whether it is breaking political news, entertainment news, or just the viral videos of the day, CNN is at the forefront of delivering the very best news with high quality reporting. T

The Guardian 4.43

Browse through the sections and download all the content you want. The Guardian is an Android app that enables users to read all the information from directly in their devices. Besides reading, the news you can also watch videos, listen to

The Wall Street Journal. 10.0

Taking advantage of iOS 8, WSJ is one of the best news apps around. One of the first apps to hit Apple's store, The Wall Street Journal has recently been revamped for iOS 8. Incorporating Handoff, this really is a revolutionary news app that lets yo

Relevnt: Be the first to know 1.1.0

**Winner for Best Designed Mobile App Interface from** Relevnt™ is a special interest media network. A powerful new way to gain knowledge and stay informed in real-time from trusted newsgroups, podcasts, RSS feeds, ultra-specific

myTWiT - Your own personal TWiT Network 1.0.4

myTWiT is your own personal TWiT Network on iOS! "The best TWiT app, ever." - Leo Laporte, iOS Today (Episode 350) Add your favorite shows to myTWiT for quick access to the latest episodes! Your favorite shows sync via iCloud across your iOS devices! Vi

American Military News 2.3

American Military News is your online home to the best stories about our military, national defense, homeland security, cyber security, veterans affairs, and much more. * Breaking news alerts * Bookmark (in-app, instantly!) any article for reading late

Jackpot Fortune Slots Casino 1.0

Jackpot Fortune Slots invites you to play our innovative and authentic slot machines straight from the floor of your favorite casino. All slot machines in the game are games that are available in real world casinos all across the United States. ***Authen

TINA Maritime Archaeology Periodical 1.0

TINA DENİZCİLİK ARKEOLOJİSİ DERGİSİ 54 yıl önce Türkiye’nin Güney kıyılarında, Gelidonya Burnu’nda gerçekleştirilen arkeolojik bir çalışma insanoğlunun tarih içindeki yürüyüşünü daha net bir şekilde görmemize yardımcı oldu. Arkeoloji çalışmalarının s

Romania Military 1.0

The app is designed to provide a better experience for "Romania Military" blog