Ringtones for Android OS

Arcade Trail 1.0.1

Arcade Trail is a crowdsourced game discovery and curation platform. It aims to make game discovery easy and fun, allowing both players and game creators to celebrate past, present and future games.
 It helps you to get excited about new titles, and give

Sugar Smash: Book of Life 3.32.143

Match sugar candies and rainbow drops to master this fun and challenging match-3 puzzle adventure inspired by THE BOOK OF LIFE! Help Manolo, Maria, and Joaquin collect an assortment of delicious treats and beautiful charms as they prepare for an epic fie

TypeShift 1.1

Instead of having to manually type in the letter, developer Zach Gage invites you to swipe up and down to line up a series of letter columns to find new words. You’ll get started with a free word pack consisting of five levels, but soon, you’ll choose fro

Jewels Legend 1.0

Jewels Legend by EasyGaming is a brand new game brings a new way of match 3 fun. A relaxing game you can play for free. Great fun for you, your family, your friends, and everyone. New and improved match-3 game Jewels Legend is coming! Play amazing Jewels

twilife 1.0

Twilife. Find nightlife, food, services and other places nearby open after 6pm. If it’s open 24 hours or after 6pm, twilife is here to help. Working late? Bored? Hungry? Studying? Need a “night hangout” place? Traveling and need something or want to find

Reclaim your Brain! Fluid Intelligence 1.31

You boost your working memory and Fluid Intelligence (Gf) with this powerful app. Gf is the capacity to reason and solve problems. You get real results in your daily life with this app that is proven by medical science. Download the most engaging app of i

Galaxy Era 0.0.47

Exiled and banished from the Earth Federation, the crews of the U.S.S Mayflower are sent to 'explore' a distant universe named Origin, a place where people believe the gods came from millions of years ago. 400 years of space travel didn't go

Dash Quest 2.6.4

*New update OUT NOW! Fantasy action and endless runner collide with exciting RPG elements in this incredibly addictive, retro-inspired adventure game! Dash through hordes of enemies to reach epic boss battles! Customize and upgrade your character with Ge

Ring4 - Smart Phone Numbers, Texts & Calls 3.0.4

Ring4 lets you generate smart phone numbers, text and call, with no limit in 20 countries. • Work number: a second line on your personal iPhone or iPad for your business. • Private number: a temporary phone number a.k.a burner phone number for Craigslist

Emojify = You + Emoji 1.4

Add your personal touch to messages by making your very own emojis. Feeling kinda sick and tired of the typical yellow emojis? We’re here to change that. Emojify helps you generate a combination of over 2 million faces while keeping your favorite ‘hearty