Role Playing for Android OS

Great OZ Race - Best Fun Racing Game to the Magic Emerald City 2.0

One of the TOP 5 OZ GAMES in the App Store! (Be sure to keep your finger ON the screen to make the Wizard jump higher! He will start to fall when you remove your finger from the screen - double tapping will NOT make him jump higher!) OZ is coming to t


[Recommended Hardware] iPhone 5 or Higher/iPad (3rd Generation or Better) Please Note: iPhone 4 is not supported. Please take care to check below if your device is supported before downloading. The phenomenally popular DRAGON QUEST VIII has sold 4.9 mill


Simple-to-play action RPG - Hammer’s Quest is here! A Hammer warrior’s battle begins now..! A young man sets out on a journey, equipped with a Hammer. Can he defeat the Dark Lord? Repeat Strikes, Charged Attack, Guard... All in a simple ONE-TAP control!

Brave for a while 1.5.6

### Running Hero Reborn! ### ### Major update Event!!! ### Can you save the fantasy world in 30 seconds!! Defeat the devil of the fantasy world before anyone else! This application is a simple running adventure game in retro style. The objective of this

Chicken Warrior : Zombie Hunter 105

Sequel of Chicken Warrior with supplementary stroies of Chicken Revolution Chicken Warrior : Zombie Hunter is simple but it is an action game presenting you lots of fun as a sequel of Chicken Warrior. Supporting over 200 types of weapons, items and skill

My Day off Work 1.0.0

Your alarm goes off and you have a momentous decision to make – get up, or stay in bed? It’s your first big choice but far from your last. "My Day off Work" is a 240,000 word interactive fantasy novel by Andrew J. Schaefer, where your choices control th

Superchroma 1.2.1

SUPERCHROMA is a story of love, betrayal, selfishness, giving, and most of all... DESTROYING EVERYTHING IN GLORIOUS EXPLOSIONS. Note: SUPERCHROMA has been targeted specifically to Metal devices (iPhone 5+, iPad Air+); performance/stability on other devic

Monster Adventures 1.2

Combining the monster-catching of Pokémon with the adventure elements of Zelda, Monster Adventures brings an all new blend of action/RPG gameplay to the App Store! Catch, create and customize your own unique monsters while uncovering an interesting story.

Fairytale Fiasco - Sleeping Spell Rescue 2.5

~~> It’s a royal snooze fest! Help Sleeping Beauty wake up the entire kingdom and save them from the sleeping spell! ~~> Overcome TONS of fun and challenging levels as you make your way to the royal palace! ~~> Dress the princesses in gorgeous gowns, ca

Guild of Heroes 1.48.6

Join the Guild of Heroes and fight the forces of evil in a new fantasy world full of adventures and danger. Here, you'll find a way to glory and recognition. Equip your cha