Weather for Android OS

WeatherJapan Japan's weather forecast for tourists 1.0.0

WeatherJapan is a simple application which shows weather information for Japan (provided by Japan Weather Association) for use by tourists. Users can quickly display weather information for their current location as well as information for surrounding are

Air Quality Monitor - Global AQI & PM2.5 1.0

Air Quality Monitor provides real-time air quality information all over the world. MAIN FUNCTIONS: - Real-time air quality index around the world - Global AQI Ranking Download!

PureWeather 1.6.3

A light, beautiful weather app, it can make you intuitive to see local and other city weather forecasts. Providing seven days of weather forecasting, layout is simple and pure. Less is more, pure and beautiful.

WAAY Weather 4.5.801

The WAAY Mobile Weather App includes: • Access to station content specifically for our mobile users • 250 meter radar, the highest resolution available • High resolution satellite cloud imagery • Future radar to see where severe weather is he

Astronomy Tools - Aurora Lunar Eclipse Meteor Moon 3.0.0

Astronomer's Friend has the best night sky tools for astronomy and astrophotography. Alerts for meteor showers, aurora (northern lights), super moons, lunar eclipses, and more. Integrated Light Pollution Map to find the best areas near you to see the nigh

Weather HD Free - by Clear Day® 3.4.2

Enjoy the most unique and beautiful weather app. Clear Day® (formerly Weather HD) is the only weather app that provides stunning videos depicting weather conditions, cloud maps over beautiful 3D globe, patent-pending Quickview for multiple cities weather

KSPR Weather 4.5.1601

KSPR-TV 33 is proud to announce the KSPR HD Weather app for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad platforms. Features • Access to station content specifically for our mobile users • 250 meter radar, the highest resolution available • Future radar to

Rain or shine - local forecasts 1.0

"Rain or shine" is application which provides weather forecasts when you go for a walk. Using the iBeacon technology “Rain or shine” determines that you leave your house and gives an advice weather to take an umbrella or not.

Marea 1.0

Marea allows you to check the tides near you. Are you in a coastal area or near a tidal river like the Thames in London or the Brisbane in Australia? Now you can easily know when the next high or low tide will be with this app, and you can follow the tid

Weather Radar – live satellite rainfall map 1.0.2

Weather radar provides you with the global real-time accurate dynamic weather radar information, the highly interactive map of the animated rainfall forecast, and the precise weather forecast of your location. All of this can keep you well prepared of the